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Directed by Anna Salinas

Produced by Marissa Paiva, Meredith Stein, Lauren Knutti

United States | English | 12' | Fiction

Allie Webb is revved and ready for a night out on the town when her flaky friends bail. There’s no way she’s spending the night alone, so she contacts every human in her orbit. When no plans transpire, Allie fears the worst. Cue her mean-girl Inner Demon, who turns what could be a heavenly night-in to an anxiety-fueled nightmare.

Alone time is the best! Or, is it? The downward spiral of being left alone with yourself when you’re feeling, well….alone, is the worst. ME NIGHT brings all of your baggage plus an entertaining cast of one to delight and surprise. Every moment resonates with your deepest insecurities and brings the laugh out loud funny. — Elle Shaw, Festival Director

Sunday, August 20 at 12:30 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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