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Directed by Courtney Sposato, Mark Sposato

Produced by Courtney Sposato, Mark Sposato

United States | English | 15' | Documentary

In this deeply touching memoir, filmmaker Courtney Sposato explores her childhood experience of her brother’s illness while learning about the wonders of the galaxy aboard a replica of the space shuttle Challenger, created by her elementary schoolteacher from a dilapidated bus. A love letter to teachers, a lesson about grief and a beacon of hope, The Blake is a revelation of connections wrapped in Saturnian rings.

Prepare to be emotionally captivated! This film is undeniably moving and skillfully weaves two compelling narratives - that of the filmmaker's brother and The Blake. The seamless integration of animation and archival footage adds depth and poignancy to the storytelling. By the time the credits rolled, tears were streaming down my face. I wholeheartedly endorse this cinematic gem, as it delivers a profound and unforgettable experience that will resonate with audiences on a deep level. Three cheers to The Blake!

-Jillian Corsie, Programmer

Sunday, August 20 at 12:30 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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