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Directed by Zora Kovac

Produced by Zora Kovac

United States | English | 8' | Fiction, Animation

A scientist lives alone in a large mansion, controlling every aspect of his life with a series of machines that allow him to have no interaction with the outside world. After he accidentally creates a plant creature that takes the form of a baby, his bond with it opens him up to a connection he previously refused to have. As the creature gets older and tries to go outside, the scientist stops it, until one day it grows to a size he can no longer control. As he tries to contain the creature, it breaks free and swallows him whole before bringing him on a journey through the outside world where he learns that it is not as threatening as he may have previously thought.

Sprout is a lovely, quietly impressive animation about an isolated scientist who is forced to confront his fear of the outside world when one of his experiments goes awry. A perfect antidote to the loneliness many of us still feel following the pandemic-which-shall-not-be-named, this film was a surprise favorite among our team, leaving us all with a sense of collective calm and joy. — Katherine Tolentino, Programmer

Saturday, August 19 at 11:00 AM

Assistance League Theatre

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