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Celebrate all the great works from the 2020 Salute Your Shorts Film Festival award winners.

Playing in this program:

Diego Escobar

A mother does everything within her reach to try and make her daughter happy during quarantine, to avoid making her memories ghosts from the past.


Emil Gallardo

A loving teacher gets caught in a crisis that engulfs her campus, threatening the kids in her care.


Diana Chire

A young French Horn player explores pros and cons of her relationship with an Artist.


Tahmina Rafaella

A young, modern mother struggles to find her place in Baku, Azerbaijan, a culture simultaneously Muslim and secular, progressive as it is traditional, and like her at a crossroads of seeming contradictions.


Derrick Duan

A lonesome astronaut roams alien landscape thinking of his left-behind love.


Taylor Rees, Renan Ozturk

Winfred Rembert, the only living survivor of a lynching, a Star Wars fanatic and leather artist, develops a friendship with Doctor Shirley Jackson Whitaker who is on a mission to memorialize the forgotten 4,000 African Americans lynched during the Jim Crow era. Together, their journeys of healing intertwine.


Victor Gabriel

A father overtaken by an inexplicable force in the middle of the night attacks his family and comes face to face with his past.


Bridget Moloney

An existential comedy about the mother of two young children who begins to spontaneously vomit plastic toy blocks.


Deepak Sethi

Three Indian friends discuss what their "coffee shop names" are and their made-up personas behind them.


Rebecca Halfon

Drunk with power after getting her braces off, 13-year-old Esther tries to seduce her oblivious Hebrew tutor.


Philipp Klein Herrero

You can keep a Freerider quarantined, but you won’t be able to keep him from skiing.


Ennio Ruschetti

Two politicians shake hands. The situation gets out of hand.


Thessa Meijer

During an extreme heat wave, a shy girl seeks refuge in an ice cream shop. But when she looks into the eyes of the charming vendor, she is on thin ice...


Malona P. Badelt

When a family seeks safety in the US, their journey turns into a struggle of trauma, fear and irreparable damage.


Alan Hicks

Liv and her older sister Tess are inseparable siblings, who from a young age share a strong musical bond, but behind the music and happy images, hides a terrifying secret. Liv rides the waves of hope and despair, older sister Tess desperately fights to save her.


Max Cianci, Anthony Peduzzi

A man follows mysterious trails through a seemingly abandoned building.


Carol Nguyen

Filmmaker Carol Nguyen interviews her family to craft a portrait of love, grief and intergenerational trauma.


Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Trapped in their marriage, Dimitra and Dimitris try to endure their summer vacation with their two daughters on a remote island. Unexpectedly, human civilization collapses.


Avi Kaye

Everything seems to be getting in Jake’s way as he tries to get out the door in time for his flight.


Henry Roosevelt

Sainte-Mère-Église was ground zero on D-Day. For 75 years, people of all countries, races and faiths have gathered to commemorate those whose sacrifice changed the world. With few veterans left, who will preserve their legacy? SIXTH OF JUNE is the story of why we remember and what we lose if we forget.


Janina Gavankar, Russo Schelling

An agoraphobic woman finds a suspicious, hollow wall in her house.


Renuka Jeyapalan

Hard-boiled noir meets hipster chill in this tale of familial strife and vigilante justice. Desperate to bail her father out of jail, Suri (Indian, blonde and bougie) comes face-to-face with the criminal underworld that operates inside her seemingly quiet suburban community.


Dylan Holmes Williams

A bullied teenage girl leads an a cappella club on a trail of destruction against her high school enemies.


Haohao Yan

Beijing, 2003 - While the SARS epidemic unravels social norms, three eight-year-old girls uncover personal truths during a school lockdown.


Antoine Bonnet, Mathilde Loubes

A group of children witnesses a crime and is forced to remain silent. Auguste, the youngest, finds the burden too heavy and decides to reveal this secret. To punish this treason, the rest of the kids plan to get rid of him.


Paula Neudorf, Arianna LaPenne

In UNADOPTED, 24 year old Noel Anaya investigates why the foster care system never found him a “forever family” — and why he was taken from his biological parents in the first place.


Tomer Shushan

A man finds his stolen bicycle and it now belongs to a stranger. In his attempts to retrieve the bicycle, he struggles to remain human.


Auden Lincoln-Vogel

An alien comes to earth in hopes of starring in a sci-fi blockbuster.


386 min


Online Festival

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Available to watch on demand from August 30-September 5, 2020


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