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Children of Light

Directed by Minkyu Kang

Produced by Minkyu Kang, 

Republic of Korea | Korean | 20' | Fiction

In the 1960s, a Korean boy (16), kidnapped and assaulted at a juvenile center on a remote island, must escape with his rival to survive.

The darkest of subject matter handled with the lightest of touch, Children of Light is stunning from start to finish. Based on a historical event in 1960s South Korea, this dramatic story of loss and survival is shockingly absent from most history books. The message in Minkyu Kang’s incredibly high production value student film is that in times of lost hope, you can choose to channel the evil that surrounds you, or you can choose to channel goodness. — Lauren Reid Brown, Director of Programming

Sunday, August 18 at 3:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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