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The 2021 Salute Your Shorts Film Festival Announces Full Lineup

The Salute Your Shorts Film Festival has announced the 2021 lineup of its fifth edition. This year 61 films were selected from over 700 submissions. The robust lineup includes a documentary SNOWY directed by Kaitlyn Schwalje and Alexander Lewis, DỌLÁPỌ̀ IS FINE directed by Ethosheia Hylton, and SALES PER HOUR directed by Michelle Uranowitz and Daniel Jaffe. The festival will take place physically from August 20-22 at Assistance League Theatre in Los Angeles. Tickets and passes are now on sale here.

Here is the full lineup for the 2021 Salute Your Shorts Film Festival:

Previously announced


Dir. Andrew Carter

Prods. Kahlil Maskati, Andrew Carter

Marvin Wexler tries coffee for the first time and desperately wants to talk to someone about it. What follows is a funny exploration of loneliness and trying to fit in during a time when it's never been harder to connect.


Dir. Jessie Kahnweiler

Prod. Tasha Petty, Paul Young, Richard Card, Jessie Kahnweiler

A girl meets guy and falls head over heels, but a shocking discovery forces her to question everything. A dark comedy about falling in love with the one person you're supposed to hate.


Dir. Julian Doan

Prods. Brianna Murphy, Turner Munch

Undertakers wait on a family’s final farewells, as one son struggles to say goodbye to his dead father.


Dir. Rami Kodeih

Prods. Rachelle Owen, Rubber Duck Films, Courtney Prather, Nora Mariana, Rami Kodeih, Joshua Owen

A WW2 girl gang struggles to save their friend's 3-month-old baby from the Nazis. Starring Alia Shawkat (Search Party, Arrested Development).


Dir. Ashley Paige Brim

Prod. Diana Ward

An adopted woman is forced to confront her darkest fear about motherhood at her sister’s baby shower.


Dir. Emily Harrold

Prod. Emily Harrold, Seth Gadsden

A documentary film about BBQ, Ice Cream, and The Confederate Flag.


Dir. Creston Whittington

Prods. Evan Holtzman, Mike Quinn

An artist, upon selling his most valuable painting, must reckon with the fate of his work.


Dir. Mitch McGlocklin

Prod. Mitch McGlocklin

AI judgment causes a period of introspection


Dir. Heather Jack

Prods. Molly Ortiz, Molly Anne Coogan, Larkin Clark

Underemployed and reeling from a recent miscarriage, comedy writer Jo McDowell’s life is getting less funny by the minute. When she lands a meeting that could turn it all around, she has to make a decision: tell the truth or go for the laugh? A poignant comedy based on a true story.


Dir. Daniel Toledo Saura

Prod. Mammut

This is the story of a first meeting and, at the same time, of a reunion. It's the story of the moment when Ana sees Clara for the first time.


Dirs. Josh Litman, Léopold Dewolf

Prods. Josh Litman, Léopold Dewolf

As identical twin sound engineers Angel and Clément celebrate the opening of their new recording studio, one of the brothers makes a startling confession about a past relationship.


Dir. Doug Roland

Prods. Phil Newsom, Susan Ruzenski, Luis Augusto Figueroa

A late-night encounter on a New York City street leads to a profound connection between a teen-in-need and a DeafBlind man.


Dir. Tony Suriano

Prod. Subhro Das

A man who is down on his luck finds a second shot at life when he buys himself a magical refrigerator.


Dir. Álvaro Carmona

Prod. Álvaro Carmona

A clinic offers what you’ve always wanted… for a low price.


Dir. Jeremy Benning

Prod. Jeremy Benning

An inside look at the world of the Foley artist. This short documentary is a sneak peek into a unique post production sound facility located in rural Ontario, an hour north of Toronto.


Dir. Jamie Donohoe

Prod. Jamie Donohoe

A family struggles to say what needs to be said


Dir. Farbod Ardebili

Prods. Victoria Razevska Hill, Soroush Arayesh, Patrick Reasonover, Matt Edwards, Sarah Jane Murray

Singing for women is illegal in Iran, but Shima and her Death Metal band don't care.


Dir. Guillermo Fesser Perez de Petinto

Prod. Javier Fesser Perez de Petinto

Aminodin's father always smiles because he says "happy people live longer". That's why, at eight years old, Aminodin puts his best smile while working at the Papandayan dump, where he lives with his family. Her cousin Aliman, on the other hand, lost his when bombs started falling from the sky in the city of Marawi.


Dir. Caleb Slain

Prods. Richard Stevenson, Max Losee, Ethan Seneker, Hope Alexander, La'Charles Trask

A dream, a nightmare, a musical. Ten years in the making, welcome to the stormy inner world of one Congolese-American coming of age in the US.


Dir. Afton Quast Saler

Prods. Rachel Priebe, Reagan Shea

A 35-year-old film student recently diagnosed with ADHD manages by turning the camera on herself.


Dir. Serhat Karaaslan

Prod. Laure Dahout

Late at night in a small Turkish town, a young couple tries to find a hotel room to spend the night together.


Dir. Brian Sacca

Prods. Brian Sacca, Matthew Vaughan, Jeff Tomsic

Myrtle has gone off the rails today, spouting all types of nonsense about her past. None of it can be true, right? RIGHT?!


Dir. Iván Sainz-Pardo

Prod. Iván Sainz-Pardo, Juanjo Moscardó

A love story in the times of programmed obsolescence.


Dir. Brian Olliver

Prod. Brian Olliver

Desperate to find the perfect new employee during a job interview, a weary office manager discovers that his new recruit is not what he seems.


Dir. Michele Bizzi, Claudia Di Lascia

Prods. Claudia Di Lascia, Kinedimorae srl

In a metaphorical elevator, a woman travels through her past life and faces all the men who verbally or physically abused her.


Dir. Jen McGowan

Prods. Rebecca Stone, Jeremy Glazer, AMPLE Entertainment

A man grapples with a trauma on a bike ride, taking him to a stranger linked to the past he can’t shake.


Dir. Sophie Somerville

Prod. Courtney Bombell

Peeps is a peek into the inner world of a turbulent teenage friendship group on their after-school shopping trip.


Dir. Maria Brendle

Prod. Nadine Lüchinger, Flavio Gerber

A young Kyrgyz woman is kidnapped and forced to marry. A drama about the desire for freedom in the clutches of tradition.


Dir. Jörgen Scholtens

Prod. Jörgen Scholtens, Jimmy Groeneveld

Inside a cuckoo clock lives a lonely man. Every hour he is catapulted out of his tiny house to yell ‘Cuckoo!’

Newly added

Dir. Tom J Stern

Prod. Tom J Stern

A lighthearted documentary about an amazing architectural house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright protege John Lautner.

Dir. Laura Gamse

Despite the danger to herself and her family, former slaughterhouse worker Susana returns to the scene at night to care for animals on their way to the kill floor.

SUSANA Dir. Laura Gamse

Dir. Milen Vitanov

Prod. Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova, Mina Mileva

The lives of four lively Arctic hares take a turn after discovering a strange new creature

Dir. Kaitlyn Schwalje, Alexander Lewis

Prod. Rebecca Stern, Justin Levy

Snowy, a four-inch-long pet turtle, has lived an isolated life in the family basement. With help from a team of experts and his caretaker, Uncle Larry, we ask: Can Snowy be happy, and what would it take?

SNOWY Dir. Kaitlyn Schwalje, Alexander Lewis

DỌLÁPỌ̀ IS FINE Dir. Ethosheia Hylton

Prod. Millie Marsh

Soon to leave her very British boarding school, Dọlápọ̀ is pressured to conceal her natural hair, and to change her name in order to get a job in the City. Dọlápọ̀ buys a wig, but the hair leaves her questioning its uncertain origins and she is forced to reconsider her own assumptions about identity.

Dir. Brian Steele

Prod. Michael Devin Greenman, Emily Hisey

Jeremy. Just. DIED. So, in the event of his death, he leaves behind a series of clever clues and witty video messages for his best friend and bandmate Sam, and his brash sister Mandy, which sends them on an adventure through their shared past. They get to experience one last day with Jeremy after he's gone, and in the end are compelled to mourn the best way they know how.

Dir. Michalis Kalopaidis

Prod. Michalis Kalopaidis

The parrot lady' is inspired by a true story. The film works as an artistic interpretation of a woman's life who chose to live on the streets with her parrots, afraid of dying alone in her home.

THE PARROT LADY Dir. Michalis Kalopaidis

Dir. Sage Mears, Aaron Pagniano

Prod. Jacqueline Jandrell, Sage Mears

Set in a surrealist reality, Transfer revolves around two strangers engaging in an existential job interview that poses questions about death, choice and the inevitable truth that not everyone gets a second chance.

Dir. Alice Seabright

Prod. Alexandra Blue, Kate Phibbs

Jaq is angry. But she also wants to have sex. This should be straightforward - angry sex is one of the pre-approved genres for copulation. But her body is out to sabotage her coitus in the worst way.... endometriosis.

END-O Dir. Alice Seabright

Dir. Charles Wahl

Prod. Charles Wahl

After celebrating the birth of their first child, James & Lola are faced with family expectations and financial strain as they fly in a Mohel to perform their son's Brit Milah – The circumcision ceremony.

Dir. Kate Hackett

Prod. Kate Hackett

A seventeen year old sex-positive YouTuber starts a social media war against her Christian abstinence program.

Dir. Talia Osteen

Prod. Paul Feig, Laura Fischer, Kesila Childers, Jesse Schiller

God literally forbids she turn off a vibrator gone rogue, so an Orthodox Jew sets out on a quest to find someone who can.

Dir. Noemie Nakai

Prod. Christian Parton

Yoshida is a “tears teacher.” A firm believer that weekly crying promotes healthier living, he’s made it his mission to make more people weep. Running workshops all over Japan extolling the benefits of vulnerability and tear-jerking films, books and music, he makes a convincing argument for welling up as wellness.

TEARS TEACHER Dir. Noemie Nakai

Dir. James Burns, Shal Ngo

Prod. Chris Wilson, Jake Ewald, Gabriela Dematteis

The Box is a hybrid short film that combines documentary, stop-motion animation, and cinematic vignettes to immerse our audience in the world of solitary confinement. We interview three people who have spent a combined 9 years in solitary, one of whom is of the two directors of the film, James Burns. All three stories are told at the same time and progressively build onto one another, each subject telling a different chapter from the same book. This is a story about the value of human connection and a group of survivors who lost everything but found light in the darkness. We see how they ended up in solitary, how that experience brought them to the darkest place imaginable, and how they struggled against all odds to find freedom and a meaningful life on the outside.

Dir. Noé Debré

Prod. Benjamin Elalouf (Moonshaker film)

Igor has been completely depressed since his ex Marie became an Instagram star thanks to a activist group about female orgasm. Igor thinks it's a deliberate strategy to prevent him from finding someone else. He convinces his friend Arnaud to accompany him to Marie's place to clear things up.

DAVID Dir. Zach Woods

Prod. Kevin Chinoy, Francesca Silvestri, Zach Woods, Andrew Porter

David needs help. So does David.

DAVID Dir. Zach Woods

OUT OF THE BLUE Dir. Jonathan Bregel, Steve Hoover

Prod. Jonathan Bregel A 78-year-old man covered his body with one beautiful tattoo. The retired Principal City Planner for Baltimore talks about trees, consciousness, letting go of life and his genitals.

Dir. Brian Sacca

Prod. Brian Sacca, Matthew Vaughan, Jeff Tomsic

Myrtle has gone off the rails today, spouting all types of nonsense about her past. None of it can be true, right? RIGHT?!


Dir. Zachary Zezima

Prod. Ron Dyens

A young man is sexually assaulted and subdues, punishes, then befriends his own attacker while confronting his past and the ambiguities of sexuality. Part fiction, part non-fiction, part autobiography and part dream, Friend of a Friend attempts to broaden the conversation around abuse and its motivations and implications, as well as the survivor vs. assailant dynamic and results of ostracism.

Dir. Zachary Zezima

Prod. Ron Dyens

A young man is sexually assaulted and subdues, punishes, then befriends his own attacker while confronting his past and the ambiguities of sexuality. Part fiction, part non-fiction, part autobiography and part dream, Friend of a Friend attempts to broaden the conversation around abuse and its motivations and implications, as well as the survivor vs. assailant dynamic and results of ostracism.

Dir. Laki Karavias

Prod. May Ondeng, Dan Berggren

A childhood filled with laughter and friends, singing and games—cut short by the circumciser’s knife.

MESSANIA'S STORY Dir. Laki Karavias

Dir. Sasha Lee

Prod. Yejin Choi

One night, Seolgi is lying on a grass field with friends. A shooting star falls, and dark and intrusive thoughts hits her. Her melancholy blooms into bright and colorful “flower people”, dancing around and making a wish of METEORITE to end the world.


Prod. Brendan Garrett

Dan is tortured every day by the negative voice inside his head, until he learns something amazing that allows him to break free.


Dir. Paolo Santamaria

Prod. Paolo Santamaria

A real soul journey where the pleasure of discovery and love alternate in a constant creative drive. The video explores the travel theme in all its facets. Important topical issues such as eco-sustainability, social equity and criticism of consumerism find space, which is revealed in oceans populated by plastic fauna and in a habitat dotted with waste.

Dir. Elvira Lind

Prod. Sofia Sondervan

When a kind-hearted prison officer (Oscar Isaac) is transferred to the letter room, he soon gets involved in an inmate's personal affairs...

THE LETTER ROOM Dir. Elvira Lind

ÁINE Dir. Alexandria Cree, Kristen Hilkert

Prod. Eli Rarey

ÁINE is a story about raising a daughter in a world that has already defined her potential. This documentary short film follows the life of a young girl with Down Syndrome from her mother's pre-natal findings through to her present day challenges. As the family navigates unexpected turns, this little girl will sass you with her tenacity for life and her love of music.

Dir. Oscar Rene Lozoya

Prod. Brian Flaccus, Ben Dunn, Celia Cowles, Oscar Rene Lozoya

All Eric ever wanted was a friend. He just never knew how to find one.

Dir. Michelle Uranowitz, Daniel Jaffe

Prod. Chloe Sabin

Sales Per Hour tells the story of a young woman who faces a moral dilemma when she witnesses a sexual encounter in a dressing room at the clothing store where she works.

SALES PER HOUR Dir. Michelle Uranowitz, Daniel Jaffe

Dir. Amy Bench

Prod. Carolyn Merriman, Constance Dykhuizen, Jessica Goudeau

Separated from her mother by smugglers at the border, a determined 12-year-old sets out across a desert with only a plastic sack for protection from the cold, survives starvation on the streets of Ciudad Juarez, and escapes kidnappers to find her mother and a place where they can be safe again.

Dir. Akanksha Cruczynski

Prod. Felicia Ferrara

An immigrant dogwalker finds home in the hearts of the rich people’s dogs she dogsits.

CLOSE TIES TO HOME COUNTRY Dir. Akanksha Cruczynski

Dir. Parker Seaman, Evan Scott

Prod. Parker Seaman

One phone call with friend Lou Wilson sets Parker off on an adventure to prove his dancing isn't funny and that his skills should be taken seriously. Through the process he learns that he needs to dance for no one else but himself...

Dir. James Solomon

Prod. Lissandra Leite

A skilled workman digs a perfect hole in a cracked earthen plain in an endless warehouse, a series of well-dressed people come and sit on comfortable couches offering contradictory opinions, and the job gradually unravels.

For more info and schedule visit the program page


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